Meet Patty Lagera | Sala Studio, Auckland, NZ

Multi-talented Sala alum, Patty Lagera, explains how important movement is to her daily routine and her newfound love for our Barre and HIIT Pilates classes.

Jun 15, 2022

Multi-talented and Sala alum, Patty Lagera, explains how important movement is to her daily routine and her newfound love for our Barre and HIIT Pilates classes.

Hey, who are you? What do you do and where do you live?

I'm Patty Lagera, a freelance photographer, filmmaker, and ceramicist I live in Onehunga. I mostly capture weddings and create content for brands. Recently, I have discovered a passion for pottery, and I'm obsessed with creating Pattery pieces when I'm not moving my body or editing.

Why and how did movement become such a big part of your life?

I have always appreciated taking time out of my day to move my body, may it be yoga, a gym workout, a fitness class, circus and acrobatics, or climbing. It became a big part of my life when I recognised that joy end energy flowed throughout other aspects of my life as well. The more I made movement a priority, the more in tune I felt with what my mind and body really needed. I noticed the importance of play. Every time I move my body, I feel grateful for the opportunity to have a healthy, strong, and working body to do my tasks. Not only that, I have met some fabulous humans (and my now partner) through pursuing movement.

Your favourite thing about the SALA community?

It warms my heart to think that a fitness studio brought some humans into my life whom I now consider true friends, memories that I will forever cherish, and an appreciation for movement that I never thought I would carry. Also, I love that I can be myself and belong in a community of beautiful, like-minded humans.

What’s your favourite SALA class?

Yogasana Thursdays or Sarah's Tuesday nights! The fire in those classes is unbeatable. Although, I also love Sam's playful and challenging Sunday sessions. And also, Eridani's Dynamic 75's on Saturdays are also a fun time for the glutes. Maria's Barre makes my thighs burn just thinking about them. Too hard to choose a favourite, lol. I love them all.

What are your pre class rituals?

Oh that Abel perfume - MUST spritz before and after class.

What other practices do you live by that support your mindset and mood?

I love my morning ritual of opening the curtains around my house to let light in. Looking outside at nature before looking at my screen, and then make my coffee, journal, and spend at least half an hour to myself before I do any work. Activating my senses by choosing what scent to add to my diffuser for the morning, touching my plants, and having a yummy breakfast. And only opening social media after midday has been a game-changer. I see a psychotherapist regularly as a non-negotiable, and it has helped my well-being significantly. Learning how to have a home compost and being mindful about my consumption and waste has also been eye-opening.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Notice what brings you life.

Also, that therapy is non-negotiable (like brushing your teeth).

What are your go to health and fitness tips?

Carve time for fitness or activities that bring you joy. If you're having fun, you'll make more time for it. I think fitness is a by-product of the activities that I love (yoga, SALA classes, circus, climbing).

What’s your advice to someone brand new to fitness/yoga who wants to get started?

It can be intimidating (I get feedback from friends that they think everyone at SALA is a model or are ultra fit) — I encourage you to come with a friend if you're scared, or feel the fear and come try a class anyway. The teachers are SO friendly and everyone has been in your shoes at some point. Everyone's on their own fitness journey, comparison is only a thief of your experience as we all started with not knowing and feeling uncertain (heck, I only started going to Barre and HIIT Pilates recently because I didn't think I was fit enough). Focus on your own goal, and on day one, it might be just stepping into a class and not leaving the room. It doesn't have to start with doing the splits. Baby steps, show up, and enjoy yourself.

If you could do anything else for a living, what would it be?

Create ceramic pieces and continue exploring the art of pottery! Or maybe make a podcast interviewing people about their passions in life. Or take dog portraits. Or learn how to make perfume. Or make stationery.

Honestly, I can't have one answer for anything lol.

What’s the secret to a happy life?

Haha if you ever find out, let me know! I once heard that happiness depends on happenings but joy comes from within. Perhaps happiness is not the goal. Maybe moving through life's varying peaks and troughs with awareness, presence, and mindfulness is enough. Who knows. Maybe it's patting all of the doggos and eating a lot of bread and pastries.

What’s your favourite post movement snack/ meal?

Almond croissant, always.

If you could give your 20 year old self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Drop the concept of right and wrong immediately. You are allowed to make mistakes, and they will not destroy your life or your relationships. Be curious, be playful, and give yourself permission to fuck up.

I grew up surrounded by a very religious and strict culture/upbringing, and I was always confined to "doing the right thing". Tuning into what my soul, body, and mind needed was never a concept that I entertained. It was obedience, respect, and honour (which I think are helpful and necessary, but not everything).