Reformer Cardio, Sala Studio, Fitness Studio in Ponsonby

Reformer Cardio

Using jump boards, we'll work your entire cardiovascular system, whilst challenging your fitness levels. Be prepared to get your sweat on with this cardio take on reformer Pilates. Not suitable for beginners.

Flow Yoga, Sala Studio, Auckland

Flow Yoga

Our Flow Yoga classes focus on breath and alignment, so you can move more mindfully. As all our teachers are unique, no two classes are the same. Suitable for all levels.

Reformer Strength, Sala Studio, Auckland

Reformer Strength

Using greater resistance, more reps and heavier weights, we’ll focus on strength, power and precision. Challenge your endurance whilst toning your whole body.

HIIT Pilates, Sala Studio, Auckland

HIIT Pilates

A mix of HIIT training and Pilates principles. Work the entire body, increasing your heart rate followed by short recovery periods. This class will strengthen the muscles, boost your metabolism and improve overall fitness.

Sound Healing, Sala Studio, Auckland

Sound Healing

Spend 45 minutes laying on your back in deep relaxation. Sound therapy uses musical instruments to create audible vibrations that alter brain waves. Research suggests sound therapy can reproduce the effects of meditation, reducing stress and anxiety, decreasing blood pressure and inspiring creativity. Bring a warm layer, a pillow and an eye mask to amplify the relaxation.

Strength, Sala Studio, Auckland


The perfect workout for building endurance, strength and stability. Using heavier dumbbells and kettlebells, lose yourself to the music whilst shredding fat and toning muscles. The perfect accompaniment to yoga.

Dynamic Yoga, Sala Studio, Auckland

Dynamic Yoga

These strong and sweaty flows are set to music and designed to give you a good workout whilst stretching and releasing your body. All teachers are unique so no two classes will be the same. Not suitable for absolute beginners.

Reformer Flow, Sala Studio, Auckland

Reformer Flow

Inspired by classical pilates you'll improve posture, balance and flexibility. The perfect accompaniment to any other type of exercise, improving alignment and technique to help prevent injury and move with greater efficiency.

Yogasana, Sala Studio, Auckland


Not suitable for beginners. A fast-paced set sequence that will challenge your stamina, stimulate your cardiovascular and respiratory systems whilst strengthening and toning the muscles. Expect hands-on adjustments and loud curated playlists.

Yin Yoga, Sala Studio, Auckland

Yin Yoga

Yin is a static class that focuses on passive, mostly seated postures to target connective tissues. Pop on an eye mask and surrender to the expansive quality of this class. Suitable for all levels of practitioner and pregnancy.

Cardio, Sala Studio, Auckland


A full body workout that will enhance muscular strength, cardiovascular health and overall fitness levels. By improving your metabolic rate you won’t be just burning calories in class but for hours afterwards too.

Barre, Sala Studio, Auckland


Barre is a low-impact, high-results class. Target and isolate small muscle groups using low weights, repetition and static holds to define and lengthen muscles, improve posture and gain flexibility. Can be modified for pregnancy.