Meet Nikki Crearer | Sala Studio, Auckland, NZ

Not only was Nikki part of the OG teaching fam here at SALA, but she has started the most delicious food delivery service alternative, Assortment.

Dec 30, 2021

Meet Nikki Crearer | Sala Studio, Auckland, NZ
Meet Nikki Crearer | Sala Studio, Auckland, NZ

Not only was Nikki part of the OG teaching fam here at SALA, but since spreading her wings she has started the most delicious food delivery service alternative, Assortment. We learn what else the everyday chef is cooking up.

Hey, who are you? What do you do and where do you live?

Hello, I’m Nikki. I'm the co-founder of assortment, I live in Remuera with my boyfriend.

How did you hear about sala? How long have you been coming, and what’s your favourite thing about the sala community?

Sarah slid into my DMs before SALA even opened, we then went on a blind date where she asked me if I wanted to be a part of the SALA family. It's a privilege to say I was one of the OG teachers! I taught HIIT, and seeing people push themselves was really inspiring, I felt incredibly proud of everyone each time I taught there. It doesn't matter if you’re showing up to class to get fitter, relax, ‘tick it off' or just have fun. We all have different goals and different bodies and the sala community feels like a place of no judgment which is rare for a ‘gym’

What’s your favourite SALA class?

Despite my long love for HIIT I actually adore the yoga classes. It does take me a couple of weeks to get into it but once I start I love moving my body in that way, it kinda feels like I'm pouring lubricant all over my joints.

What’s your go-to mood elevator?

Sunrise and set swims in the ocean followed by a coffee or another beverage :)

What is assortment? What’s it’s purpose? Who’s it for, and how does it work?

Assortment is a membership platform to help and inspire the everyday cook. We wanted to give people an alternative to food delivery services, whilst still removing the stress around planning and cooking. Every Saturday the membership hub is refreshed with a new menu (4 dinner recipes), shopping list and meal prep guide. We carefully design the weekly menu to use all of the produce purchased, ensuring no food is wasted. When you cook along with us you will accumulate your own pantry staples, items that get used repeatedly in our recipes. Having your own pantry staples reduces the unnecessary use of plastic and other packaging items which are often found with food box services plus people will learn what's exactly in that spice mix so they can recreate their favourite dishes time after time.

What inspired you to start assortment? Both Laura (my partner in crime) and I love to cook and unashamedly orient our days around our meals but this isn't the case for everyone. We noticed through our fast-paced lifestyle, cooking has become demonised; the quicker the better, the more prepared the better, and the less time in the kitchen the better. We understood the convenience of food box services and how helpful they can be for many families but we also couldn't look past the waste that is accumulated from individual premade spice mixes, sauce dressing and more. As well as the reliance many people have on these pre-made items. So we wanted our platform to teach you new skills, new spice mixes, add new recipes to your repertoire and most of all we want to help you become an intuitive, confident cook! Confidence is key, cause who likes doing things they’re not ‘good’ at right?

(P.S try their delicious Christmas Choccy recipe here.)

Where do you see the assortment in five years?

We’d love to see Assortment become more than just weekly menus. We dream of forming a community of everyday cooks where we can share our meal times and learn from one another to eat better, cook better and be more sustainable within the kitchen.

Who’s / what’s your dream collaboration?

Collaborating with the everyday cook, whether they are following one of our recipes, putting their spin on it or just inspired by one of our meals. Food is such a simple pleasure, bringing friends and family together and to be a part of that would be really cool.

Wellbeing is...?

Having balance; balance in work and play, activity and rest, nutrition, and looking after yourself and the others around you - it's simple yet effective.

Is there anything about lockdowns which you’ve enjoyed? Are there any habits/activities which you’d like to keep up after lockdown?

I'm obsessed with puzzles. I've also found out it’s kinda an expensive activity if you get through them too quickly. Are there any other puzzle enthusiasts out there keen on a swap?

What are your fitness tips?

Give it 20 minutes, you can do anything for 20 minutes, it's long enough to give you that endorphin kick and not too long that you dread doing it all day. You are capable, don't tell yourself anything else! Also, you never know you might be surprised and do it for 30!

What’s your favourite post-movement snack/ meal?

Made of protein powder developed by my dear friend Kirsty Godso. It not only tastes bloody good, it also is the cleanest protein on the market. I wouldn't put any other protein in my smoothie.

How can we find a healthy balance between nourishing both our physical bodies and our minds when working out?

Moving your body is such a privilege and shouldn't be used as a form of punishment or a trade-off. Allow yourself to move to the best of your ability. If pushing yourself feels good that day then go for it, otherwise, be kind to yourself and just have fun!

What’s a hangover cure you swear by?

An ocean swim, I don't think it cures the throbbing headache but it washes away any sins.