Meet Amber Lyon | Sala Studio, Auckland, NZ

Get to know Amber Lyon, the face behind the Instagram Modern Mind, a platform full of aesthetically pleasing graphics with lessons to cultivate ease and flow.

Oct 13, 2022

Meet Amber Lyon | Sala Studio, Auckland, NZ
Meet Amber Lyon | Sala Studio, Auckland, NZ

Amber Lyon, the face behind the ever-popular Instagram Modern Mind, a platform full of aesthetically pleasing graphics combined with lessons to cultivate ease and flow in life. Now, four years on, it's become a community for those of us that seek out the light in life. Get to know the Kiwi native below.

Hey, who are you? What do you do and where do you live?

Hello hello! My name is Amber, I am a writer and model living in Auckland. I share my visual meditations & words on @modernmind___.

What’s your connection to Sala? How long have you been coming, and what’s your favourite thing about the Sala community?

Sala has been my wellness home for the past few years. Whenever I’m in Auckland it’s a safe space to pop in and catch a class as the sun rises over the city. The sala community is really special to me, even just the friendly chats after class warm my heart — but it’s so much more than that. It’s a space where I feel comfortable exploring different movements & parts of myself in a welcomed & judgement-free environment.

What’s your favourite Sala class?

No question — Yogasana Thursday mornings.

What’s your go-to mood elevator?

A great playlist. Music has such an influence on our headspace.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully, I’ll be sitting next to my published book! That’s what I’m working on at the moment, it’s something that’s been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember.

Who/what would be your dream collaboration?

I really want to create a wellness community within the Modern Mind container. I recently released a membership platform where I’m working to cultivate that environment. Collaborating with movement platforms (Hi Sala!), psychologists & naturopaths for a fully comprehensive approach to health.

Why is rest important? Describe your dream rest day.

Watch the sunset on the Westside Highway. Bliss. (Also, maybe some tacos at Casa Mezcal afterwards & wander around the Lower East Side).

Wellbeing is…?

Knowing who you are & what you need in order to thrive. Whether that be rest or movement — understanding what you need & when (without judgement).

What are your go-to health and fitness tips?

Little adds up. The consistency of daily movement is so much more important than a hugely depleting workout once a week. Even if it’s just ten minutes — it still means something.

Also, I’ve found that when you make health a part of your identity (something you value about yourself) it becomes a lot easier to prioritise it.

What’s your favourite post-movement snack/ meal?

Green smoothie — always makes me feel lean, mean & strong. I go for frozen mango, greens (spinach or whatever I have in the freezer) banana, some pea protein & almond milk.

How can we find a healthy balance between nourishing both our physical bodies and our minds when working out?

I’m not sure if this will resonate with everyone but for me at least, it’s about letting go of the pressure of perfectionism. Trying to perfect a pose or position used to block me from just relaxing and experiencing wherever my body wanted to lead me. When I tap out of what it “should” look like — it really helps me to just enjoy being with my body's natural expression.

What’s a hangover cure you swear by?

Water, magnesium & laughter.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

I’m going to go with two:

1. Always do your best. Your best is always enough.

2. Take care of the people that take care of you. As far away as life may take you, don’t lose sight of them. They’ll be by your side through everything.