The Sala Gift Guide 2023

From boyfriends to Mothers, to Friends and Kids, the Sala gift guide is here

Oct 31, 2023

Quality time is my love language, much to my husband's dismay. Unfortunately for my loved ones, this usually means a last-minute panic buy, which is both confusing and disapointing. In an attempt to eliminate this toxic trait, here is an organised list of gifts either researched or trialled directly by me. You're welcome. Happy Shopping friends, (and don't forget the best present is precence :) )

Gifts for women - Five things for the women in your life.

  1. This ultra-luxe stainless steel ergonomically designed body blade by Tronque is for both body and facial contouring. Perfect for relaxing tight muscles, stimulating lymphatic drainage, and encouraging skincare to penetrate deeper. It is super easy to use at home and very chic on any bathroom counter. 

  2. Sala's seasonal incense harnesses the powerful, transcendent qualities of scent and smoke. Designed to reflect the benefits of each season on our circadian rhythms, they bring an element of the sacred into the everyday mundane. Available in studio and online.

  3. The Face Sculpting Massage by Olga Newman is nothing short of iconic locally. Olga's sculpting and lifting techniques restore complexion and dramatically rejuvenate the face. It's like an instant facelift. 

  4. Hilary Green is a Melbourne-based ceramic artist and painter. Her work explores organic forms, dreams, myths and the natural world. Her abstract pieces add texture and playfulness to any space.

  5. This Naveya and Sloane necklace is designed to be worn by the mother, an heirloom to be passed onto your little ones. Worn daily over the heart as a time capsule, soaking up stories and memories until it's ready to be passed into the hands of your child.

    Gifts for Children - Five things for the little people in your life.

    1. Teva are, hands down, Ophelias' favourite shoes. They're comfortable with easy-to-use straps, which empowers toddlers as they can put them on themselves. They come in lots of cute colours and styles so every child can express their uniqueness.  

    1.  Projekti Tyyny is deep-rooted in Nordic sensibility. There is an emphasis on texture and tactility, individuality, quality, longevity and timelessness. The handmade Canopys have long been on my Wishlist. 

    1. Ophelia has always been drawn to anything musical. This year, she'll be unwrapping a hand-painted carousel like this one. 

    1. Gender-neutral childrenswear, perfecting for handing down between kids. I love these Alfred jeans, we have a few pairs, super comfy, slouchy fit.

    1. Artist Grace Bader first children's book is as vibrant and emotive as you'd expect. Written as a gift to her young son Romeo, 'Move With Me' is for small people, with curious minds and big hearts. It has beautifully illustrated prompts to help children connect with the world around them it aims to ignite the feeling of freedom in movement. 

Gifts for Men - Five things for the men in your life.

  1. The Sala Contrast Therapy room is to be enjoyed solo or with friends, housing a four person sauna and a single ice bath. Alternating between the heat of an infrared sauna and the cold from ice bath can improve circulation, inflammation and relaxation.

  2. Edit, specialises in luxury international clothing and footwear brands for men. Perfect for men who want to stand out, as well as some staples. Get your next pair of trainers from your local.

  3. Triumph and Disaster aims to respect nature, utilise science and create products of ritual and tools for preparation. If you're not sure what you loved one uses, try a kit.

  4. Fantl sports is about breaking the barriers of athletic and everyday wear. It’s about function over fashion. Revitalising style and longevity in classic sports. I once brought Josh the Joshua jacket, which he's worn heaps.

  5. A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. The perfect gift for the man in your life, who thinks he already knows it all ;)