Meet Sarah Baron | Sala Studio, Auckland, NZ

Lighting up the Barre studio with her radiant smile and fire workouts, Sarah burns even brighter than the sunset room glows.

Feb 5, 2022

Meet Sarah Baron | Sala Studio, Auckland, NZ
Meet Sarah Baron | Sala Studio, Auckland, NZ

Lighting up the Barre studio with her radiant smile and fire workouts, Sarah burns even brighter than the sunset room glows. We get to know the woman behind the warmth.

Why and how did movement become such a big part of your life? 

Dance! I started ballet at the age of 5 and fell in love with movement. I think in particular I loved the discipline involved but it wasn’t until years later I realised the reason why movement became so important for me - I was a very shy child, I struggled with verbal communication, I struggle to process emotional moments - movement is how I express myself. It is a cathartic process, often whatever I am feeling it will come out in movement. Movement is emotional, it's joyous, it can be angry/aggressive and everything in between! Movement is how I process things in life basically. I miss dancing so much because of this. But also why I enjoy running, barre, gym classes, working out, yoga, pilates etc. 


How would you describe your classes? 

I like to keep them fast paced, less time to over think, more time to move and to hook into the feeling of movement. I try to keep them fun, light, and make the burn fun. I like to think I am energetic in my classes and I hope my love for movement and how exercise feels to come through. I like to focus on the mental health benefits and the feels rather than aesthetic benefits. I hope people who come to my classes get lost in themselves, feel part of a community, and get a good sweat up! 


What drew you to teach at SALA?

The first thing that drew me to SALA was attending yoga classes here - I loved the quality of the teachers. I have done years of yoga during my dance career but Sarah Lindsay for me - the best yoga I have done, it is challenging and inspiring and nourishing all at once! I want to teach at places where I can also develop myself personally and professionally, where I can learn and be inspired - this is what I realised SALA fosters. I also love the energy and community feeling of SALA. 


Your favourite thing about the SALA community? 

Accepting and non judgemental.


What’s your favourite SALA class? 

Sarah’s Yoga

What are you pre class rituals?

Prepare! Always be prepared and have a planned class. Listen to music - music can always get me in the zone to teach a class. 


From the ashes of hustle culture, self-care is on the rise. Why is self-care so important? And how does movement facilitate this?  

Time is valuable, life seems to get busier and busier and spare time for self-care is restricted. Self-care is important for me to be at my best so I can give/share my best with others, I value the generosity of energy, of spirit. Like I said above about movement - it's not just physical health benefits - it's taking that time to focus on yourself - sometimes that hour or half-hour barre class is the only time you get for yourself. Movement can also be escapism.   


What is movement a conduit for?  

Self - expression

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 

When I worked as a dancer for 10 years I was with the same dance company. I learned a lot from my boss, good friend and mentor - buoyancy is key, give off energy you want to be around.  


Wellbeing is…?

Movement, eating well, getting rest, human connection, water


With a year interrupted by lockdowns, what does moving at home look like for you? 

Garage workouts

Lots of running

Evening walks - how good!

Sala online - yoga


When you’re not teaching where can we find you? 

At the gym, or brunching, or sleeping, or at uni


Give us a rundown of a day in the life of you…

Early wake-up, coffee, teach, uni, teach, dinner, bed  - basic weekdays haha


What are your go to health and fitness tips? 

Move every day, and get a good sleep!


Are you an early riser or a night owl? 

Early riser


What’s your advice to someone brand new to fitness/ yoga who wants to get started? 

Have patience with yourself

Is there anything you don’t own, that you’d like to do one day?

A house in Auckland city!


If you could do anything else for a living, what would it be? 

Not sure really. I think I am doing what I love and the experiences that I have had along the way I wouldn’t swap for anything.

What’s your favourite post movement snack/ meal?

A smoothie or smoothie bowl!

Do you have any morning rituals or routines you live by? 

Often I teach so early I do not have time. However, in lockdown, I get up at 6 am, have a coffee and journal which has been really nice. 


Do you have any pre bed rituals or routines you live by? 

I have just started using a gua sha and I love it. It feels quite therapeutic and I think my skin looks better for it

What’s a hangover cure you swear by? 

Sweat it out!!! Get up, go workout or run or get a good sweat on. Then rehydrate and go back to bed or whatever. But always sweat it out. 

What’s the secret to a happy life? 

Knowing yourself and being happy with who you are. In saying that always striving for growth - personal, professional, relational growth and development. I need progress and progression in my life to feel happy. 

If you could give your 20 year old self one piece of advice, what would it be? 

Embrace your youth and enjoy the journey