Meet Monica Cronin | Sala Studio, Auckland, NZ

Sala Yoga teacher, Wonderment founder and Godmother to Baby O, the woman who inspires us, talks through the things which inspire her. Meet Monica Cronin.

Sep 20, 2021

Meet Monica Cronin | Sala Studio, Auckland
Meet Monica Cronin | Sala Studio, Auckland

Sala Yoga teacher, Wonderment founder and Godmother to Baby O, the woman who inspires us, talks through the things which inspire her. Meet Monica Cronin.

Why and how did movement become such a big part of your life? Since I was three years old I have practised some form of movement regularly. When I was very young it was ballet and at the age of 16, I started practising yoga. I was thinking recently about how movement for me is as ingrained into my routine as washing my hair. It is something I can go a couple of days without if need be, but I can’t imagine not moving my body regularly. It is a non-negotiable, to maintain the health of my body and mind. 

How would you describe your classes? I think the style of my classes represents how I feel and what I am currently experiencing at that stage of my life. I plan a new sequence/theme every Sunday and call on what I am currently inspired by, craving or need to explore in hopes that my students can relate to or interpret their own version. 

What drew you to teach at Sala? I met Sarah when she first came to New Zealand and was teaching at a studio I practised at. I quickly became a regular in her classes as I resonated with her and her style of teaching. When she opened Sala I began practising there frequently, assisting Yogasana and later teaching. Sala is a beautiful studio that encourages and uplifts teachers to be unique and teach authentically.  

What’s your favourite Sala class? I honestly cannot pick, I love the variety of classes at Sala as I can lean into whatever I feel my body needs, whether that is a powerful HIIT Pilates class with Abby, a sculpting and stability Barre class with Maria, a dynamic asana class with Sarah or a restorative Yin class with Nathan.

What’s your go to movement to elevate your mood? Yoga!

With a year interrupted by lockdowns, what does moving at home look like for you? 

Usually, a Sala online class brings me a sense of familiarity and a chance to see my favourite teachers. 

What’s your favourite song to move to? Kin - Tourist

How do you motivate yourself to get moving when you’re low energy? I know that I can’t always rely on motivation so I prefer to stick to a routine. It’s cliche but I never regret a workout or moving my body. 

What’s your favourite SALA online class? I’ve been loving Crescent Moon with Sarah, Glute Stability with Eridani, and Express Glutes with Amy. 

Any movement essentials you can’t live without? My Lululemon yoga mat has traveled the world with me and been with me on trainings and life changing experiences. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? This too shall pass. 

What’s the one object from your home you would save from a fire? Our Polaroid pictures, we have a couple hundred and looking at them transports us to memories and places that hold so much love and joy. 

Are you sentimental? Talk us through a few of your favourite things which you own. Yes, I have one by my bed Malas that I have been given or made during my yoga teacher trainings. For me, my teacher trainings have bought me closer back to myself than any other time in my life and my malas remind me of those teachings. 

What’s your favourite post-movement snack/ meal? A smoothie! 

What’s your go to savasana song? Waves Extended - Sol Rising 

What’s your favourite colour? What effect does it have on you? Forest Green. I find it grounding and calming. 

What’s your favourite yoga pose/ exercise? This is a hard one, if I had to pick one maybe ‘low lunge king pigeon’.